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                                                                                          About Chana                                


Chana began doing hair as a young girl, practicing on family members while growing up in rural Indiana.  From the first, she showed a natural ability and interest in hair-styling.  Years later, as a single mom, she took a course in cosmetology.  Following completion of her schooling, she worked in local beauty salons to gain experience and begin her professional career.


She later accepted a position at one of the first haircutting-only beauty salons in Indianapolis, where she further developed her talents.  After five years, she opened her own salon where her growing clientele included the general public and popular entertainers.  She attended training courses in Québec, Montréal, New York and California; learning new skills and the advanced techniques of European hairstyling.  She attained a Masters license in hairdressing in Indiana, and later obtained licenses in other states. She mentored other hairdressers, and initiated a number of professional hair shows in Indianapolis.


Tiring of the cold mid-western winters, and with her children finally grown, she decided to follow another life-long dream.  She packed up and headed west, ending up in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico where she discovered the relaxed, warm Western life-style.  For a time she managed an adobe motel near the famous hot springs area of the old historic town. She explored the deserts and forests, volunteered at the local museum and helped organize the first ‘Geronimo Days Festival,’ honoring his hundredth birthday and recognizing the various cultures of the Southwest.


But Chana’s professional calling could not remain suppressed for long.  She opened a new salon, Chana’s Hair Design Studio, in Round Valley, near the forested White Mountains of Arizona, continuing the one-on-one, high-quality service she had perfected in the Midwest.  Once again, her reputation grew and she is now recognized as one of the top hairdressers in this part of Arizona and New Mexico.


Now working part-time, she continues to stay current in all aspects of her profession.  In addition to her local clientele, summer visitors often call months ahead to schedule their appointments.


Chana has her own line of professional hair-care and skin-care products, and has established a website, Chanadesigns.com, which displays a number of her informative ‘make-over’ videos.


Chana loves the hairdressing industry and is devoted to helping people look and feel their best.  She believes that hair dressing is an art form, which has inspired her dedication and quest for perfection for all of these years.






                                                      Master Hair Designer                                       Hair Color Technician

                                                      Image Consultant                                             Makeup Artist

                                                      Skin Care Technician                                       Make-over Specialist

                                                      Wedding Specialist                                           Salon Consulting

                                                      Fashion and Hair Shows                                  Educational Classes



                                                                                                Personal Interests


                                                      Photography                                                     Video Production

                                                      Water-color Painting                                      Chamber of Commerce

                                                      Care-giver Support Group                             Dinosaur Center Supporter

                                                      Site Steward (monitors pre-historic Indian ruins) for the State of Arizona